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Albanian MPs Visit Kiev On Anniversary of War in Ukraine

A group of Albanian MPs are in Kiev, within the framework of the anniversary of the war in Ukraine, as a sign of solidarity to say that Albania stands by the Ukrainian state.

Socialist MP Denis Deliu, part of this delegation, described the situation in Kiev. He says that everywhere there are soldiers carrying out their mission, while he stated that in some areas that they had visited today, they also saw innocent people who had been killed.

Furthermore, Denis Deliu emphasized that the Albanian delegation was accompanied by the National Guard of Ukraine all the time. The Albanian delegation includes MPs Pandeli Majko, Xhemal Qefalia and Denis Deliu.

“Here the situation is calm, although there was information that the Russian army could attack with missiles, but in fact so far it has not happened. On the streets of Ukraine you can see a lot of military vehicles, soldiers participating in various tasks and in general it is not the same as a year ago. I was there a year ago. It was different, while today there is an army presence in every part of the city. There are many fortifications, which served during the beginning of the offensive. We have also visited several collapsed bridges, as strategic points where Russia could penetrate. In the outer parts of the city there were many burned cars, there were also many innocent people killed”, he noted.

Source: Albanian Daily News