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Belfast cinematographer scoops top film festival award

A Belfast cinematographer is among the the production team who have scooped a prestigious European award for their latest movie, The Black Guelph.

Carl Quinn, 30, was director of photography on the movie Black Guelph working alongside writer and director John Connors, who is best known for his work as an actor in movies such as Cardboard Gangsters and King of the Travellers.

For Carl, originally from Ballycastle who now splits his time between Belfast and London, Black Guelph is his first feature movie project.

Having won the German Independence Award for best film at the 2022 Oldenburg International Film Festival, Carl expressed his delight at the honour.

He said: “As my first feature film, this is absolutely huge for me. I knew this film would be important when I first read the script but I was nervous I would not be able to do it justice.

“John wanted someone who was as hungry as he was and knew that I would put everything I had into it to make it the best I could.”

The festival, dubbed ‘The Sundance of Europe’, has catapulted The Black Guelph into the spotlight, with Carl believing this is merely the first step for the critically-acclaimed movie.

He said: “This win should pave the way for more festivals to have their eyes on the film as well as greater audience reach when the film is released.”

Shot in Dublin, The Black Guelph stars Graham Earley as main character Kanto, alongside Denise McCormack (Beatrice), Barry John Kinsella (Cormac), Tristan Heanue (Professor Keane) and many more recognisable faces.

Centring on Kanto, a small-time drug dealer working to get off the streets, the film follows the storyline of his reconciliation with his long absent father Cormac, who returns home looking for forgiveness.

This latest award win for The Black Guelph comes on the back of a successful few years for Carl, which has seen him do everything from shooting music videos with Ed Sheeran and working with a whole host of famous boxers, including Prince Naseem and Anthony Joshua, to winning Best Cinematography at Audio Shoot International Music Video Film Festival.

Speaking on his past experiences, Carl said: “Working with Ed Sheeran was an incredible experience. He was a true gentleman and very down to earth.

“He told me that one of his favourite places to play was the old Mandela hall in Belfast when he was first starting out.”

Carl’s work with British two-time heavyweight champion of the world Anthony Joshua was equally exciting for him.

He said: “I was recently out in Saudi filming with Anthony Joshua which was a surreal experience. We were shooting a promo for the lead-up to his last fight with Usyk.

“Anthony is very humble in his achievements. Even though we were in the blistering heat, he still made time to take photos and talk to every fan that approached him.”

Carl has also shot with world renowned fighters Conor McGregor and Tyson Fury.

Carl said: “To get this award for my first feature film is absolutely unbelievable.

“The reception has been overwhelming. When we went on stage to accept the award, I started to well up.’’

The Black Guelph will continue its festival run and is set to be released in cinemas in spring 2023.

Source: Northern Ireland World