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Berisha Commemorates DP of Bulqiza’s 32nd Birthday

At the ceremony of the 32nd anniversary of the establishment of the Democratic Party (DP) in Bulqiza, former Prime Minister Sali Berisha said that Albanian is facing nowadays a new monism, which according to him is based on crime and drugs.

In his speech, Berisha said that 32 years ago, people stood up bravely for the right of Albanians to be free, but today people are standing again for revolution.

“The Democratic Party was founded in the country of the most brutal dictatorship as the party of liberties and rights of citizens. Our mission was the mission of restoring the freedom and dignity of Albanian citizens, our mission was to place Albania on the right side of society. Albania came as the most fractured country, the Albanian nation was the most betrayed nation. We stood up bravely for the right of Albanians to be free wherever they are, we stood up more bravely to defend the Albanian cause, we didn’t have political schools, but we had high noble ideals, we had love for Albania and today democrats gather wherever they are with an unmatched heritage that makes us proud. But today, after 32 years, we face a new monism, which is based on crime, drugs and theft, your impoverishment, based on mass discrimination of citizens, so today we are standing again for revolution, again in faith with each other, today we have excellent candidates in front of you in Peshkopi, in Mat everywhere, we have candidates of your political will”, said Berisha.

Source: Albanian Daily News