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EU: Our Approach to Serbia is Balanced

The European Union ( EU ) stated that their approach to Serbia is balanced and that it will be possible to change their policies only with the joint decision of the 27 member states.

Peter Stano, a spokesman for the EU Commission, answered the question about the letter signed by the European Parliament (EP) deputies and US senators and criticizing the Western policy of Serbia.

“There are thousands of parliamentarians in the EU. New policies are created by consensus of only 27 member states.” He stressed that the letter written by the deputies would not change anything.

Pointing out that the EU only plays a facilitating role in the Serbia-Kosovo tension, Stano said, “Our approach to the parties is balanced. But it is not irreversible.” used the phrase.

According to the news of the AP yesterday, a group of senior politicians from the EU and the US, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, EU High Representative for Foreign Relations and Security Policy Josep Borrell and British Foreign Minister James Cleverly criticized the West’s approach to Serbia. He had sent a joint letter.

In the letter, it was stated that more pressure should be put on Serbia to resolve the tension in Kosovo.

Tensions in northern Kosovo

On 26 May, Kosovo Serbs protested the election of Albanian mayors who won the local elections on 23 April in the municipalities of Zveçan, Zubin Potok and Leposavic, where Serbs are concentrated in the north of Kosovo.

There was a clash between the Kosovo police, which was sent to the region to protect the Albanian mayors, and the Kosovo Serbs.

Serbia detained three people, who were determined to be members of the Kosovo police, in the border region of the two countries on the grounds that they were “planning an action in Serbia” on 14 June, while Kosovo claimed that the police were “abducted” by Serbia. Serbia released Kosovo police on June 26.

While the Kosovo police detained about 10 Kosovo Serbs for different reasons, Serbia demanded that these people be released as soon as possible.

The main reason for the tension between the two countries, which come face to face at regular intervals, is expressed as Serbia’s seeing Kosovo, which declared its unilateral independence in 2008, as its own territory.

Within the scope of the Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue Process, initiated under EU mediation in 2011, efforts are being made to find a common way for the normalization of relations and ultimately for the two countries to get to know each other.

Source : Balkan News