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FETO Protest in Albania

With the call of the non-governmental organization called “Albania Muslim Forum”, an action was held against the irregularities in the election process in the Albanian Islamic Union (KMSH), which is known to be close to the Fetullah Terrorist Organization ( FETO ).

The organizers said that this peaceful action was carried out to raise awareness among Muslims and the public about the manipulation in the elections of institutions representing Muslims in the country, such as the KMSH council, mufti councils and mosque councils.

In the action held with the slogan “Let the Gülenist usurpers away from the Albanian Islamic Union”, “Stop the institutional usurpation of KMSH by the Gülenists”, “Stop the oppression of the teachers”, “Let’s bring back the values ​​of the comprehensive tradition to KMSH”, “Let’s bring back the values ​​of the comprehensive tradition”, “Legal violations in KMSH and Stop the election farce”, “KMSH is the hostage of a putschist sect” banners were carried.

“It has turned into a more sectarian institution”

Head of the Albanian Muslim Forum, Fisnik Kruja, said in a statement that over the years, it has been noticed that KMSH is becoming more and more introverted around a certain group of people.

“The KMSH has unfortunately turned into a more sectarian institution, with individuals belonging to a single sect or group known as the ‘service’ or ‘Gulenists’ at the top. This fact is evident throughout the KMSH leadership and in the constant appointments of various muftis and imams orbiting the ‘Gülen community’ sympathizers and followers.” used the phrase.

 Expressing that the Gülenist usurpers (of FETO affiliates ) took advantage of infiltration, camouflage and political and  financial conjunctures, exploiting the weaknesses and indifference of the former leaders, and ignoring almost all of the Muslim-raised religious, intellectual and representative dignitaries, Kruja said: He shared the view that people who do not have intellectual or religious identities but obey the orders and directives of transnational groups are placed at the heart of the institution.

Kruja said:

“For over 10 years, the Gulenist leaders of the KMSH have done nothing to improve the financial situation of imams, most of whom are paid a miserable ‘salary’ of $50 and many are not covered by social security plans. Likewise, they did almost nothing to activate many mosques that have not been working for years due to the lack of imams for the same reason. The current Gulenist leaders of KMSH have seriously damaged the Islamic education system by closing some madrasas and selling one of the largest foundation buildings in favor of the Gulenist association called ‘Sema’, which only manages this madrasah.”

“The Albanian Muslim Forum strongly urges KMSH leaders to end the illegal usurpation of the institution and return it to Albanian Muslims,” Kruja said.

Lawyer and activist Floriar Arapi touched upon the violations and irregularities in the election process at KMSH and noted that parliamentary elections were not held in many mosques and that mosque councilors were elected by imams without an election.

KMSH’s new presidential election will be held in 2024.

Source : Balkannews