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Germany is Discussing With Its Allies Sending IRIS-T Air Defense Systems to Ukraine

Germany is discussing with partner countries the temporary transfer of IRIS-T air defense systems to Ukraine. The head of the Green Party, deputy chairman of the Bundestag Defense Committee Omid Nuripour said this on air on the  ZDF  channel.

“Of course, Ukraine needs more air defense systems. IRIS-T systems help protect cities, so this is important. The German government is also discussing this with partner countries that received IRIS-T from Germany, whether they can at least temporarily transfer them to Ukraine,” – he said.

The politician did not name the countries with which Germany is negotiating. However, it is known that in 2018 Germany sold four IRIS-T SLM systems to Egypt, and in 2021 Egypt ordered 16 additional systems. Also in 2019, Sweden received the first short-range IRIS-T SLS systems from Germany.

As you know, IRIS-T is a medium-range anti-aircraft missile system (SAM), developed by the German company Diehl Defense in 2014 and designed to destroy cruise and ballistic missiles, as well as aircraft, helicopters and UAVs.

Earlier it was reported that Germany plans to supply Ukraine with 12 IRIS-T air defense systems . A certain part of them are already protecting the skies over our country.

Ukraine received air defense from Germany

The first German  IRIS-T air defense system arrived in Ukraine on October 12, 2022 . In April 2023, former Defense Minister Alexey  Reznikov confirmed the transfer to Ukraine  of the second IRIS-T anti-aircraft missile system from Germany.

Let us recall that earlier the German government announced  the transfer to Ukraine of the Patriot air defense system  – a modern American air defense system that is capable of firing at a distance of up to 150 km and, depending on the modification, shooting down Russian ballistics – Iskander missiles.

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