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Greek Police Probe Deaths of Six Men in Shootout

Greek police on Tuesday were investigating the murders of six men, some of whom were travelling in a car with fake licence plates and carrying fake identity documents.

They were killed on Monday afternoon in Loutsa, a village in Attica, close to Athens. Two of the victims were found outside the vehicle.

The weapons used were 9mm handguns. By Monday evening, more than 25 shell casings had been collected from the scene of the violence.

Police said they had no confirmed information about the men who died so far.

“Police do not have any criminal data on the victims. Nothing has been clarified; we are at zero,” a police spokesperson told BIRN.

The motive for the shootings remains unclear. However, the blue Ford in which four of the men were travelling appeared to be have been ambushed, catching the passengers unawares.

On video footage from the shootout recorded by a local resident, published by the SKAI TV channel, gunshots can be heard continuously for about 40 seconds.

Greek media reported that the six victims were aged from 25-35 years old, and were carrying fake Albanian, Turkish and French identity documents.

Initially, it was suggested that the victims were Albanian citizens, but they are now suspected of having been Turkish, possibly of Kurdish origin, media reported.

The four men in the car entered Greece in July via Didymoteicho, a town located on the eastern edge of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, according to media.

Greek police told media that they will ask for Germany’s assistance via Interpol about the vehicle’s origins and its licence plates.

Source : Balkaninsight