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Hungarian Ambassador in Bucharest Summoned Over Orbán’s Speech

Hungary has a vested interest in cooperation based on mutual respect with Romania because “it benefits both countries and both nations”, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Monday.

Szijjártó said on Facebook that it had caused no surprise that the Hungarian ambassador in Bucharest was summoned to the Romanian foreign ministry. The meeting was held in a calm and polite manner and atmosphere, he added.

Referring to a recent speech by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at the Bálványos Summer University who said that he had received a document from the Romanian foreign ministry with suggestions on the topics he should not talk about, Szijjártó said the Romanian deputy state secretary “practically repeated the same points” but in an updated form since Orbán’s speech has already been delivered. Read our article about the keynote speech here – PM Orbán keynote speech: the USA does not accept China’s victory and may go to war.

Szijjártó said Hungary would continue to strive for cooperation based on mutual respect, “we will always talk about our plans and goals, and assess the current situation in a tone of respect”.

As we wrote before, Romanian nationalists in Băile Tușnad would send a message to Viktor Orbán during the Tusványos Festival by waving Romanian flags, saying that “Transylvania is always Romanian land”

Source : Daily News Hungary