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Is Rama turning his back on Vucic?

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama has called for the release of three Kosovo police officers kidnapped by Serb forces on Kosovo territory.

Rama said the longer the Kosovo police officers are held in Serbia , the worse the bilateral relations between Albania and Serbia will get.

Rama shared on his Twitter account, “The longer these three stay in Serbia, the less likely it will be that our bilateral relations will not back down, based on the fact that they have not committed any crimes despite crossing the border! This means that if they are not released, the cold relations between us will return.” It will be a week.”

The Albanian Prime Minister also reiterated his calls for Kosovo and Serbia to de-escalate tensions. Rama said Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti “the more insistent on his stance towards the allies” the more tense the situation will be.

Source : Balkan News