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Justice Minister Claims International NGOs Have Hijacked the European Union

Justice Minister Judit Varga spoke about the European Union’s democratic deficit and the success of conservative policies in Washington.

Hungarian government policy has proved that conservative politics work, as evidenced by the fourth two-thirds majority election victory this year in April, Justice Minister Judit Varga said in a speech at the Heritage Foundation – one of the most influential conservative think tanks in the US – in Washington on Monday.

She told the US audience that Hungary poses a problem for the liberal mainstream because it has shown that three ideals – the defense of sovereignty, the coordinated representation of conservative values, and a democratic state governed by the rule of law – are compatible.

“A country that pursues conservative policies can be a member of the European Union as a state governed by the rule of law,”

The Hungarian position is that the key to the success of the community is the success of the nation-states, but today we see that the European Union is building a Europe without nations, she argued.

This ambition can be seen in the way the EU is outsourcing democracy to international networks of NGOs, to which it had received no mandate from nation-states, Varga continued. These NGOs operate with international financial support and have enormous power to influence public opinion, especially in the European Union, she said.

As a result, Varga added, the political functioning of the European Union is no longer based on the positions and guidelines of national governments, but on institutions captured by these international NGOs.

Hungary says that Europe must once again function as a democracy of democracies, where elected and responsible governments meet regularly to agree on a direction for politics, because it is these governments that are responsible for their nations, their economic affairs, and a range of social issues, the minister said.

Source: Hungary Today