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Montenegrin President Jakov Milatovic Gave the Mandate to Form a Government to Milojko Spajic

Montenegrin  President Jakov Milatovic announced that after the early general elections held on 11 June, he gave the mandate to form a government to Milojko Spajic , one of the leaders of the European Now Movement (PES), who was the Minister of Finance in 2020-2022.

Milatovic, at the press conference, stated that he came together with 18 political structures in the country and made statements about the new government that is expected to be established in Montenegro.

Stating that he gave the task of forming a government after negotiations with all political structures to Spajic, the former Minister of Finance, Milatovic emphasized that the parliament should end the process of forming a new government within 90 days.

President Milatovic reminded that 41 votes are sufficient for the approval of the proposed government in the 81 deputies of the parliament.

Noting that they expect Spajic to be supported by 44 deputies, including 24 deputies of the PES and 6 deputies of the Bosniak Party (BS), Jakov Milatovic said that the Coalition for the Future of Montenegro, which has 13 deputies, will decide whether to support Spajic or not. stated that he will take it in the process.

Expressing that he expects responsibility from Spajic and all parties involved in the negotiations on the formation of a government, Milatovic said that the one who will form the government will be the majority of the parliament.

Early general election in Montenegro

In the country’s early general elections held on June 11, PES, of which Milatovic was one of the party leaders, took part in the parliament with 24 deputies and BS with 6 deputies.

The coalition formed by the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) and its partners Liberal Party of Montenegro (LP), Albanian Alliance and Social Democrats (SD) took second place in the parliament with 21 deputies.

The Coalition for the Future of Montenegro 13, the Democratic Party and the URA People’s Movement Coalition 11, the Socialist People’s Party and DEMOS Coalition 2, the Albanian Forum 2, the Union of Albanians 1 and the Croatian People’s Initiative (HGI) managed to get 1 deputy into the parliament.

The process leading Montenegro to early elections

The process of forming a new government, which started in Montenegro after the government led by Dritan Abazovic failed to receive a vote of confidence on 20 August 2022, turned into a political crisis.

The government led by Abazovic, which caused controversy with the “fundamental agreement” he signed with the Serbian Orthodox Church Patriarch Porphyria to give “official status” to the Serbian Church in the country, fell as a result of the vote in the Montenegrin Parliament.

While pro-Serbian parties in the country conveyed the name of Serbian politician Miodrag Lekic to former President Milo Djukanovic to form the new government, Djukanovic refused to give the mandate to form a government to Lekic on the grounds that he did not meet the necessary conditions.

Djukanovic signed the law, which was voted twice in the Montenegrin Parliament and restricts the president’s powers in the formation of the government, and Montenegrin Parliament Speaker Danijela Djurovic announced that Lekic was tasked with forming the government.

Lekic failed to gain the support of the majority and the time allowed for the formation of a new government expired. After this process, Djukanovic announced on March 16 that he dissolved the parliament.

Source : Balkan News