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Montenegro’s New President Takes Oath of Office

The newly elected president of Montenegro Jakov Milatovic took the oath of office on Saturday at the country’s parliament in Podgorica.

Milatovic said that he will serve as the president of all citizens, emphasizing economic development and ties with the neighboring countries, as well as the country’s path to full membership in the European Union (EU).

“The elimination of internal divisions, the building of strong and independent institutions, the affirmation of human rights, the impartial distribution of justice, a society of equal opportunities, as well as the establishment of a sustainable economic model will require the full commitment of both decision-makers and those who execute those decisions,” he said in a speech, which was broadcast live on the national television RTCG.

Milatovic won the April presidential election in the second round, in which he won nearly 60 percent of the vote, while former president Milo Djukanovic gathered 40 percent.