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Most Turkish Voters in the Western Balkans Are in North Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Expatriates will start going to the polls tomorrow for the Presidential Election and the 28th Term Parliamentary Election to be held on Sunday, May 14, 2023.

By the Supreme Election Council (YSK), ballot box committees were established in 73 countries and 156 foreign representations.

Voting procedures, which will start tomorrow for foreign voters, will continue until 9 May at foreign representative offices.

The voting process will start tomorrow at the customs gates prepared for those registered in the foreign election register to vote. Voting at the customs gates will end on Sunday, May 14, 2023, at 17.00.

Voters registered in the overseas electoral roll will be able to vote for 24 hours, including holidays.

There are 3 million 416 thousand 98 registered voters abroad. The number of voters who will cast their votes abroad for the first time is 277 thousand 646.

For these voters, 4,671 customs ballot box committees were established at the customs.

Voting in foreign representative offices can be done between 09.00 and 21.00 local time on weekdays and weekends, within the date range announced for that representative office, and between 09.00 and 18.00 local time in cities affiliated to the consulate generals.

Foreign voters will be able to vote at any of the designated representative offices or at any customs gate where ballot boxes are established, and there will be no need for an appointment for this process.

The YSK, which set up ballot boxes in the countries where Turks live , took ballot boxes to Belarus, Brazil, Estonia, Morocco , Montenegro, Republic of Korea, Libya, Lithuania, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Portugal, Slovakia and Tanzania for the first time this year .

Voting will be held in 9 representative offices in the USA

According to YSK data, the country with the highest number of voters was Germany with 1 million 501 thousand 152. Germany was followed by France with 397 thousand 86 voters and the Netherlands with 286 thousand 753 registered voters.

Due to the high number of voters in Germany, voting will be possible in 26 representative offices.

In the United States (USA), where 134 thousand 246 voters will cast their votes, they will be able to vote in 9 representations.

According to the data, the country with the least number of voters was Brazil with 581, and Nigeria, where polling stations will be established for the first time in this election, was the second country with the least number of voters with 584 voters.

In France, which is determined as the second country with the highest number of Turkish voters after Germany with 397 thousand 86 registered voters, it will be possible to vote in 9 representations.

Voting will be possible in Austria, 6 representations, and 3 representations in Azerbaijan and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Among the countries where ballot boxes will be established, the countries with the lowest number of voters are Brazil with 581, Nigeria with 584 voters, and Turkmenistan with 635 voters.

On the other hand, if the Presidential Elections reach the second round, votes can be cast on May 20-24 at the designated representative offices for the second round to be held on Sunday, May 28.

Foreign votes will come to Ankara under high security

After the end of the voting process abroad, the votes will be brought to Turkey by diplomatic couriers under high security, using the methods determined by the YSK.

These votes will be stored in the secure area at the ATO Congresium Fair Center in Ankara by the Presidency of the Overseas District Election Board.

In Turkey, on Sunday, May 14, at 17.00, after the completion of the voting process, it will be opened together with the other ballot boxes. Counting and casting of votes will be done under the supervision of the Presidency of the Overseas District Election Board.

How will foreign votes be distributed?

In the presidential election, the votes cast abroad and at the customs gates are directly reflected in the general votes of the candidates. These votes are added to the total votes received by the candidates in Turkey.

The valid votes abroad are distributed proportionally in the provincial electoral districts, according to the number of voters in the provinces in Turkey and the votes received by the parties in the parliamentary elections.

The 73 countries where ballot boxes will be established and the number of voters in these countries are as follows:

1- Germany: 1,501,152

2- USA: 134,246

3- Albania : 1,416

4- Australia: 53,902

5- Austria: 111.659

6- Azerbaijan: 11,036

7- Bahrain: 1,359

8- Belarus: 643

9- Belgium: 153.443

10 – United Arab Emirates: 12,757

11 – Bosnia and Herzegovina : 2,946

12- Brazil: 581

13- Bulgaria: 6.391

14- United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: 127,281

15- Algeria: 2,280

16- Czech Republic: 3.018

17- China: 4.337

18- Denmark: 36,725

19- Estonia: 776

20- Morocco: 685

21-Finland: 6.791

22-France: 397,086

23- South Africa: 1,561

24- Georgia: 2.306

25-Netherlands: 286,753

26- Iraq: 5,738

27- Iran: 1,592

28 Ireland: 6,770

29-Spain: 7,430

30- Israel: 5.088

31- Sweden: 42,773

32-Switzerland: 105,820

33- Italy: 20,148

34- Japan: 5,672

35 Canada: 40,418

36- Montenegro : 1,704

37- Qatar: 10,868

38- Kazakhstan: 6,101

39- Kyrgyz Republic: 3.118

40- Korea: 866

41- Kosovo : 2,192

42- Kuwait: 4,725

43- TRNC 140.111

44- North Macedonia : 4,107

45- Libya: 1.132

46- Lithuania: 795

47- Lebanon: 8,325

48- Luxembourg: 1,507

49-Hungary: 3.887

50- Malaysia: 711

51- Malta: 2,808

52- Egypt: 2.327

53- Moldova: 861

54- Nigeria: 584

55- Norway: 10,391

56- Uzbekistan: 3.182

57- Pakistan: 1,233

58- Poland: 10,457

59- Portugal: 1,484

60- Romania: 10,172

61- Russia: 14,357

62- Serbia : 2.311

63- Singapore: 1,020

64- Slovak Republic: 642

65- Saudi Arabia: 23.005

66- Tanzania: 865

67- Thailand: 1,278

68-Turkmenistan: 635

69- Ukraine: 2,608

70- Sultanate of Oman: 1,395

71- Jordan: 3.030

72- New Zealand: 1,115

73- Greece: 11,714

Source : Balkan News