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North Macedonia is El Dorado for renewables

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The Energy and Water Services Regulatory Commission of North Macedonia (ERC) issued licenses for the production of electricity from renewable sources for 267 power plant units last year. Total capacity is 152.2 MW.

The biggest investments were in solar capacities, with 106.5 MW in total.

ERC also approved 36 MW in wind power, 7.2 MW in small hydropower plants, and 2.5 MW in biogas facilities.

With the capacities built in 2022, it is possible to meet the needs of 65,700 households with average electricity consumption, the regulatory body said.

Private investments in renewable energy are in expansion

By the number of licenses issued in just one year, it can be said that North Macedonia is an El Dorado for investments in renewable energy sources, according to Marko Bislimoski, president of ERC.

“Summing up the year, these numbers show we have practically completed the licensing process for one new plant every working day,” Bislimoski stressed.

In 2022, “an ultra record expansion” was seen for the first time in the private sector’s investment initiative in renewables, the official pointed out.

Bislimoski added that, as unfavorable as it was, the energy crisis also encouraged many businesses to invest in photovoltaic plants. He stressed that on sunny days such systems can fully meet their electricity needs.

Investment growth will continue this year

The renewable energy capacities added in 2022 are equivalent to three strategic energy projects the government has been working on for years – Hydropower plants Kozjak and Sveta Petka and the Bogdanci wind farm, ERC noted.

Total installed capacity from renewable sources increased by 7% in 2022.

Bislimoski believes the trend would continue. He expressed an expectation that between 250 MW and 300 MW would be added to the grid in 2023.

The ERC is considering changing regulations to obligate everyone who builds a photovoltaic power plant to install battery storage as well.

Source : Balkan Green Energy News