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Over 800k Foreign Tourists Visited Albania in January

Albania welcomed more than 833.000 foreigners in January of this year alone, marking a record level if we compare it with the year 2022.
In total, there are 379.000 more tourists who visited the country during the winter. This shows that summer is not the only popular tourist season. According to INSTAT, about 96% of foreign citizens who came to the country were for the purpose of vacations or visiting relatives.

The region with the highest number of foreign nationals entering Albania is the region of Europe, followed by America and Asia.
But beyond that, Albanian citizens who have traveled abroad have experienced a strong increase of almost 57.2%, compared to the same period a year ago.

The exits of Albanian citizens from the territory of Albania, during the month of January 2023, are over 542.000 compared to January 2022, this number has increased by 45.8%.

The tourist season this year is expected to be more profitable for the Albanian economy. Tourist operators emphasize that the bookings of foreigners this year have increased by 35%. The innovation is the conclusion of contracts with tourists from Spain and Portugal. The data confirm that in 2022, 7.5 million foreign citizens entered the country, experiencing an increase of 32.6%.

Source: Albanian Daily News