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Russian Sinologist: Within 10-15 years, the Balkans and Poland will want to join Russia

Within 10, 15, 20 years, a 200-million-strong Russian-speaking community will emerge in Europe, which can assert claims for the Balkans and Poland.

This was announced by the Russian sinologist (specialist in Chinese language and culture) Nikolay Vavilov during his participation in Vladimir Solovyov’s propaganda program on the state television “Russia 1”.

This is what is happening right now. On the one hand, for a lot of people there are many reasons for despair, but if you look at things from above, Russia is triumphantly fighting against at least 1 billion people of the Western world. And in the course of this year, the Western world has failed to oppose Russia. Every ordinary Russian will agree with me. We have hot water, we have food, we have jobs, our transport works, the subway works, we get our salaries and we develop. Our economy is restructuring. In reality, this is a triumph for Russia“.

According to Vavilov, there should be no talk of isolating Russia, “especially after China joins Russia in its triumph, India joins, Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America join.”

What isolation of Russia can we talk about after we triumphantly win our major and large-scale special military operation. Now, about the dialects – I am a philologist. The Ukrainian dialect is part of the Russian language. There is no such thing as a ‘Ukrainian language’. There is only ‘Ukrainian dialect’. There is no difference, we completely understand them by ear. Two weeks is enough to learn this dialect“.

The Sinologist then began to explain why the West is afraid of Russia

Yes, the enemy is standing in front of Moscow and St. Petersburg. But de facto, if the West cannot do anything about it in the next decades, in the next 10, 15, 20 years, we will regain our control over these territories. All these nations, who define themselves as independent will flow into the great Russian house. What does this mean? In Europe, which has a population of 500 million people, there may emerge a Russian-speaking community of 200 million people who speak one language and who can safely assert rights for the Balkans, Poland and others. The Germans are 80 million – with Turks, Arabs, Pakistanis. The British are 60 million – with Pakistanis and others. Therefore, a hegemon will emerge in Eastern Europe. We see that the West cannot do anything. A gigantic community will emerge in the next 10-15 years“.

What does this mean?” Vavilov asks himself and answers:

We will get rid of the old, 20-30 years old, worn-out suit of globalism. We have to replace it with a new ideology, a new worldview, new social structures, new structures of domestic politics, in public life, political structures and others“.

Source : Novinite