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Support From TIKA to Beekeepers in North Macedonia

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency ( TIKA ) provided material support to families dealing with beekeeping in different regions of North Macedonia .

TIKA Skopje Coordinator Halim Ömer Söğüt and beekeepers attended the beekeeping equipment distribution ceremony held near the town of Gradsko in the central part of North Macedonia as part of the Development of Beekeeping Project.

In his statement to members of the press, Söğüt reminded that as TIKA, they carry out development cooperation-centered projects in North Macedonia.

Stating that TIKA has developed projects and activities in many sectors such as education, health, social and cultural cooperation, development of administrative and civil infrastructures, agriculture and animal husbandry in North Macedonia, Söğüt said: Projects aiming at sustainable development and touching the lives of our farmers, especially those living in rural areas, are of particular importance. said.

Reminding that they have implemented agricultural projects in almost every region from the east to the west, from the north to the south of North Macedonia, Söğüt said, “Within the scope of the Development of Beekeeping Project, basically trainings, beehives, bee families, beekeeping basic equipment and clothes are provided.” he said.

Informing that they have supplied 300 beehives, 10 of each, to 30 farmers from the regions of Köprülü, Kırçova and Kumanova, Söğüt said that within the scope of the project, people who started beekeeping for the first time and have been dealing with this business for many years were supported .

Emphasizing that their aim is to contribute to more production, sustainable development, contribute to family incomes and buy a wider range of products, Söğüt added that not only products such as honey are obtained from beekeeping, but also products such as royal jelly and propolis, which are very popular especially after the epidemic period. .

Source : Balkan News