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The Czech Republic sends tens of billions worth of heavy military support to Ukraine  

During the first year of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the central European nation provided various packages, including heavy military support for Ukraine.

The Czech Republic has reportedly spent CZK 10 billion ($4.5b) on military training and equipment, which has been provided directly to Ukraine, amid ongoing efforts to rearm the embattled country with necessary military support to help it defend itself against the ongoing Russian aggression. 

The Czech Republic government officially announced on their government website that roughly one-third of the material came from the Czech Army, and Czech defence companies supplied the rest. The government also sent another CZK 30 billion ($13.4b) worth of material to Ukraine based on license issues to Czech military equipment and ammunition manufacturers. 

According to the government statement, armaments, including tanks, missiles, and large-calibre ammunition rounds, were delivered throughout the year. 

The Czech Republic also delivered military aid through combat and armoured vehicles, combat helicopters, and STRELA anti-aircraft systems. 

The Czech Republic has increased military support for Ukraine after Russia launched a ‘military operation’ on the country. The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has now entered its second year. 

The Czech Republic donated artillery ammunition to Ukraine even before the Russian aggression. The central European country provided more than 89 tanks, 226 combat and armoured vehicles and 38 howitzers to support Ukraine by cooperating with state and commercial entities. 

Petr Fiala said in the Prime Minister’s address: “We clearly knew from the very first moment – perhaps thanks to our own historical experience – that we had to stand up for Ukraine. And we did it – not only the government but the whole country, and it makes me truly proud. 

“We were the first country to supply Ukraine with helicopters, tanks, howitzers, rocket launchers and infantry fighting vehicles. The first delivery of heavy equipment to Ukraine organised by us arrived merely fourteen days into the invasion. We have led by example, showing others that it was possible.”

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February last year, the US has provided more military aid to the embattled nation than any other country. The Czech Republic also received financial assistance from the USA to purchase military equipment to modernise its army for almost CZK 7 billion. 

“Allies and foreign partners are aware of our clear position and willingness to help Ukraine, which allowed us to receive adequate compensation for the equipment donated to Ukraine. The USA gave us Viper and Venom helicopters, Germany gave us Leopard tanks.” The Prime Minister quoted. 

Since the beginning of the invasion, Ukraine has been receiving weaponry from several Nato member countries. As this war continues, the Czech Republic Government will continue the flow of tens of billions worth of further supplies in the coming year.

Source : Army Technology