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Turkish Police Officer Killed in Gun Fight with Drug Dealers

The Istanbul Governorate announced on Friday that a police officer died in a gun fight with drug dealers in the city’s Kagithane district. One of the drug dealers who started a gun fight against security forces also died at the scene.

“Our police officers, Hakan Telli and A.Y.C. were taken to hospital after the first intervention by medical teams. Despite all the interventions, Hakan Telli could not be saved and became a martyr,” the Istanbul Governorate’s office said. The second police officer, A.Y.C., is still in hospital.

Istanbul police captured four other drug dealers – one is injured and three are unharmed.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan appointed Ali Yerlikaya, former Istanbul Governor, as his new interior minister following his election victory in May.

Yerlikaya has since changed almost all the administration of the Turkish Police and Gendarmerie General Command and has increased operations against organised crime groups.

Former Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu faced harsh criticism for alleged ties with crime group leaders and was shaken by allegations made by a convicted organised crime leader Sedat Peker who now lives in the United Arab Emirates in exile.

Friday’s police operation was one of the largest targeting organised crime groups.

Source : BalkanInsight