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Viktor Orbán: EU Budget Proposal Unsuitable for Debate

On Tuesday, the Hungarian Prime Minister held talks with Charles Michel, the president of the European Council, and the prime ministers of Croatia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovakia, and Sweden. At the meeting, Viktor Orbán rejected the EU budget proposal, which promotes migration and the increase of bureaucracy in Brussels.

“The European Commission’s budget amendment proposal is not serious and unsuitable for debate,” the politician wrote in a post on his social media page after the talks.

The two-day summit of EU leaders begins in Brussels on Thursday. On the agenda are the Russo-Ukrainian War, further support for Ukraine, economic recovery, defense spending, migration, and foreign policy. The committee would add to an already bureaucratic and money-guzzling budget, but Member States are expected to be reluctant to provide additional funding.

Orbán listed the problems with the proposal in four points. He stressed that

it is unacceptable for Brussels to give Ukraine another 50 billion euros, “while we do not know how EU money has been spent since the beginning of the war.”

In addition, Brussels is asking Member States for new funds to cover the deficit in the EU budget caused by rising interest rates, while it continues to withhold money from Hungary and Poland from previous joint borrowings.

“This is unacceptable,” the prime minister said, adding that instead of stopping illegal immigration, Brussels wants to spend billions more on resettling migrants in Europe. “Moreover, the Commission would take billions of euros away from Member States to pay Brussels bureaucrats. This is outrageous,” Orbán concluded.

Source : Hungary Today