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Wagon accumulation observed at three western railroad crossings due to increased ore traffic

The volume of transportation of ore cargoes in the direction of the western border crossings continues to grow due to the improvement in the price situation in the EU market, which led to a slight accumulation of wagons in the direction of the crossings Izov – Grubeshev (Poland), Uzhgorod – Matevtsy (Slovakia), Batevo – Epereshke (Hungary) and an increase in the total queue by 1.2 thousand wagons.

“The total accumulation of wagons in the direction of 13 border crossings is 16.185 thousand wagons, of which 3.647 wagons are with grain. Over the past week, the accumulation has increased by 1.2 thousand wagons, in grain wagons, on the contrary, it has decreased by 204 wagons, ”said Valery Tkachev, deputy director of the UZ commercial work department, at a meeting with market participants.

According to him, on average, Ukrzaliznytsia transfers 1,956 thousand wagons to its Western partners per day, including 641 wagons with grain. “So, the total waiting time in the queue reaches an average of eight days in total, and wagons with grain – no more than six days,” Tkachev said.

The largest accumulation of wagons is recorded in the direction of the Izov-Grubeshev (Poland) crossing – 3,716 thousand wagons, of which 507 are with grain, with 490 wagons passing through the crossing daily.

“The load on this joint has increased due to the growth in shipments of ore cargo. Finally, ore has gone to the Izov-Grubeshev crossing, and this will significantly increase our daily transfer of goods for export, because this crossing was specially built for the transport of ore cargo and is the most powerful border crossing in terms of productivity. transition. Recently, it has been operating at half its capacity due to a drop in ore transportation,” Tkachev said.

Also, due to the increase in ore transportation, the accumulation of wagons at the Uzhgorod-Matevtsy crossing (Slovakia) and by 256 wagons at Batevo-Epereshke (Hungary) increased by 400 wagons. “On Batevo-Epereshke, the situation is the most difficult: the time in anticipation of crossing the border at this crossing is up to 17 days,” the UZ representative stated.

He appealed to the shippers, if possible, to temporarily limit the loading of grain in the direction of this crossing in order to enable foreign carriers to accept previously agreed cargo and not increase the accumulation of wagons on the UZ network.

“The increase in the accumulation of wagons on the network in the direction of this transition will complicate the work of the carrier. We have free capacities at other border crossings and you can send export cargo there,” Tkachev urged.

Earlier it was reported that UZ in January 2023 increased the volume of transportation of iron ore by 45% compared to December 2022 – up to 1.14 million tons.

Source : УкрРудПром