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Damage From Flooding in Slovenia Could Exceed 500m Euros

Slovenian Prime Minister Robert Golob said the damage caused by the recent flooding in the country could exceed 500m euros.

In a statement to local media after the flood, Golob stated that the damage caused by the flood in the western, northern and central parts of the country could exceed 500 million euros.

Noting that “Slovenia is facing the worst natural disaster in its history, and two-thirds of the country was affected by flash floods,” Golob said that infrastructure, as well as thousands of homes and businesses, were damaged and citizens stranded in these areas were evacuated by helicopters and boats.

Slovenian army joins rescue efforts

According to the news of the Slovenian News Agency (STA), many vehicles were flooded, some main roads in the country were closed due to flooding and many bridges collapsed.

The Slovenian army participated in the rescue efforts on the field and arrived in areas in the north where transportation was completely cut off.

In the news in the local media, it was stated that 4 people lost their lives in the floods.

Warning to foreigners in the country
In a statement made yesterday by the Slovenian Environment Agency, it was stated that heavy rains caused flooding in the western, eastern and central regions of the country and that the rains are expected to continue.

The statement also noted that a “state of emergency” was declared due to heavy rains in the north of the capital Ljubljana, while citizens were warned not to leave their homes.

The Slovenian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs shared on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, “Today, the ‘National Flood Fighting Action Plan’ has been activated in Slovenia. We have asked the embassies in Slovenia to regularly inform their citizens about the situation in the country through communication channels.” statements were made.

The post also added, “Foreign citizens in Slovenia need to leave risky areas immediately, especially near rivers and other water bodies. Anyone planning to travel to Slovenia in the coming days is advised to regularly check the situation in the country and the region.” expressions were used.

Source : Balkan News